The Proven History of Dieter's Service

Our History at Dieter's of servicing great German automobiles goes back more than four decades. The beginning of our story, however, takes us even further back, to the town of Tilsit in East Prussia (Now Russia). This was where on December 5, 1935 our founder, Dieter Vongehr, was born. Through his childhood, Dieter was intrigued by all things mechanical, and in 1951 he began his apprenticeship at the Porsche/VW dealer in Troisdorf, near Cologne, about 500 miles from his birthplace.

In 1954, Dieter became a journeyman mechanic. He worked very hard, perfecting his craft until 1957, when he could no longer resist the call to come to America and realize his true dreams. After settling in San Diego, he started his first permanent job as a Porsche Specialist at San Diego Motor Imports.

Being a good stubborn German, Dieter did not see eye to eye with the way things were being handled at San Diego Motor Imports. His supervisor then suggested that maybe he should open his own shop. That was precisely what he did.


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