Porsche and Dieter'sblank

The relationship between Dieter's and Porsche cars goes back several decades when Dieter Vongehr became an apprentice mechanic for a VW/Porsche dealer in Europe.

Since that time Dieter and his employee's have all been great fans of Porsche cars. We don't just repair these cars, we own and love them just as you do. Our needs are very similar to that of our customers. Just as all Porsche owners have different interests, we offer different services to satisfy all types of Porsche owners.

For the Porsche owners who use their cars as basic transportation we offer all factory recommended servicing as well as additional upgrades you may not be able to get at your local dealer.

For those who want the look of a finely detailed automobile but do not have the time that this takes, we offer a full line of very reasonably priced detailing services.

Many of our customers expect their car to perform better than the average Porsche. For them, we offer a full line of high performance services.

These services include:

Please check this site for monthly specials to keep your Porsche running the way it was intended...


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